The Types Of Wires Used In Heating/Air Conditioning Applications

Air conditioning plays an important role of our society today. It helps in a lot of things in our homes or even in our offices and etc. Today we are experiencing different kinds of air pollution in our environment and air conditioning can be a good way of keeping us breathe clean air. This helps us live in a comfortable and a natural environment in our homes and even in our offices.

There are six types of air conditioning. The window unit which is installed in the windows of our homes that can only cool one room. The ductless, mini-split air conditioner is a type of air conditioner is mounted on the wall that is attached with blowers. The central air conditioner is commonly used in large homes. It is built to provide coolness to a larger kind of space.  

The portable units are the best air conditioners that can be used during summer time. This can be easily installed and movable. The hybrid air conditioner gives both heat and coolness. During a hot summer time this provides a cool breeze and during winter this gives you warmth. The last is the geothermal heating and cooling. This kind of air conditioning is installed deep down into the ground to provide heat and coolness.

These air conditioners can be reversible. It can also be used as a heater. There are terminal designations to the wires of an air conditioner. It can be very effective for a technician to study the thermostat wire. Colors red, yellow, green and black are commonly present in a thermostat. These colors of the wires represent different terminals and different usage. A thermostat is a set of contacts where colors white, green and yellow is connected to the red wire based on the following rules.  Thermostat wires are usually gauge no. 18.

There are terminal designations. Where G stands for “fan”. This is usually a Green Colored Wire. C- Twenty-four (24) VAC Common, R- Twenty-four VAC usually a Red Wire, Y- Compressor, usually a Yellow Wire and (W) which stands for heat. Usually a White Wire.

When heating conventionally which is gas or oil. The fan (G) is controlled by the furnace. It is then that (R) is connected to the heat (W). The thermostat is the one controlling the fan when heating using the electricity. In this case the fan(G) and the heat (W) is connected to R (24 VAC).