Are HVAC Temperature Controllers The Same As Thermostats?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems also called HVAC systems are important to our everyday life nowadays. They keep us safe and comfortable when we stay indoors. A good HVAC have various parts that complete it and work together in order to provide you with the service you need. These parts include various different sensors and equipment. Two of the most important sensors in an HVAC system are the thermostat and the temperature controllers. These two are almost always confused with each other mainly because they have similar functions that involve the temperature of the indoor atmosphere.

The Thermostat

A thermostat functions as a temperature sensor in a specific area or room. A thermostat will be able to sense the specific temperature indoors and send this data to the rest of the HVAC through a cloud program it is connect with or by simply just informing the users or simply you. The data and information of the indoor room atmosphere temperature that the thermostat gathers and collects will often be send and used by the connected temperature controller of the HVAC system that you have set up. This connection it what allows the two components to work together.

The Temperature controller

A temperature controller is what help you adjust the temperature of a room or area by turning the air conditioning units  or heating units on and off as needed and only for how much time they needed to be in that state to reach the desired temperature that was set or programmed. A temperature controller relies on the data and information that the thermostat collects and sends to them. An old temperature controller may be manually operated however, modern day controllers are now available in the market. These modern day controllers can now be connected to the cloud or a program just like the modern day smart thermostat and let them sync together.

Both the thermostat and the temperature controller are important when it comes to setting up your very own HVAC system at home or starting an HVAC project. They are two different equipment for an HVAC system that work together so are often confused with each other. A common factor that causes this confusion is that modern thermostats and temperature controllers often have extra features of having a preinstalled or included version of the other. As tackled above, they both play significant roles in your HVAC system, both helping to provide a comfortable home.